Dionnys Matos


Artwork Details


The artwork belongs to Agencia de Arte


80.00 × 80.00 × 10.00 cm


Acrylic injected on bubble wrap

Dionnys Matos

Dionnys Matos


Dionnys Matos subject matter is inspired by nature and its conservation. Working with disposable material that is non-biodegradable, he uses bubble wrap with the intention of giving it a second purpose as a canvas. With this technique, the artist hopes to create awareness of the dangers that threaten our planet. This type of recycling managed from the arts is a means to support this vision where different disciplines come together to provide alternatives that minimize the unnecessary consumption of harmful and ultimately polluting elements. His idea is that the collector not only finds the product attractive for its artistic value, but also finds the added value of giving a second life to a material that probably would no longer have one. Dionnys studied at the Academia Profesional de Artes Plásticas El Alba, in Holguín, Cuba and has had exhibitions in Cuba, Canada, Colombia and New York. He lives and works between Cuba and Mexico City.