Meteoro II

James Bonachea


Artwork Details



32.00 × 48.00 × 1.00 in


Watercolor on cardboard

James Bonachea

James Bonachea


The work of James Bonachea is characterized by being a constant invitation to redefine deep beliefs in the cultural imagery as well as objects of daily use. This exercise has taken him to the intervention of public and private spaces implicating his own body, as well as organic materials and other elements in settings and surfaces, in contradictory appearances, within formal solutions of visual and pictorial discourses. From performance to drawing, his curiosity for revisiting the remote past has made him enter dialogues of historical vision and present condition of reality, giving as a result discursive forms that complement a universe of anachronic new meanings. With his work Bonachea plays with humor and the sacred, giving the spectator an experience of irrational astonishment.