Fumarola [Lightbox]

Taeko Nomiya

mixed media

Artwork Details



22.50 × 39.50 × 12.50 cm


Light box showing a physical double exposure of the Popocatepetl and a woman in Tokyo. The background is printed on 40% light transmission acrylic sheet and the foreground on translucent acrylic.

Taeko Nomiya

Taeko Nomiya


Taeko Nomiya is a Mexican photographer of Japanese descent who uses double exposure to explore her dual nationality. In her three years in the art world, her work has been shown in exhibitions in Japan, Colombia, Mexico, and the US and it has been auctioned at Sotheby's. Taeko has done fashion editorials for NIKE and artistic projects such as the interactive map of Tokyo done jointly with Google Mexico ( in which people can compare the pictures from the Nippon América 日本アメリカ exhibition with the sites in Tokyo where they were taken and move around the area using Google Street View while listening to audio of the place. Her unique life story served as the inspiration for a feature film by filmmaker Alonso Iñiguez that is currently in development in Mexico.