Study for the 6% of those red, white and blue flags flying outside your house that are not “made in America”, Richard Pettibone, Jasper Johns, Three F

Marek Wolfryd


Artwork Details



17.50 × 28.50 × 4.00 cm


Oil on canvas

Marek Wolfryd

Marek Wolfryd


Marek Wolfryd is an artist born in Mexico City in 1989, where he studied at the National School of Fine Arts and SOMA. Through his practice, Wolfryd seeks to expand the limits of authorship and originality, employing a poetic of fair use, where the work becomes a network of signs woven by a semionaut—that is, the artist, who is only one more link in an ongoing chain of production, distribution, commodification, and consumption. Wolfryd’s relationship with the history of art, guided by his own curiosity, is ambivalent yet comprehensive. His series focus on specific historical periods that are not understood as monolithic, but rather as interconnecting with other points in history, tracing a story that collapses past and present. Wolfryd’s work often considers projects of modernity in Latin America, symbolic values in popular culture, and the Western concept of authorship as an instrument of power. He works in various media, including painting, sculpture, and installation.