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Dora Alicia Maldonado


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50.00 × 60.00 × 1.00 cm



Dora Alicia Maldonado

Dora Alicia Maldonado


Dora Maldonado lives and works in Mexico City. She is an industrial designer, holding a degree from Universidad Anahuac México. Born to a painter and jeweler mother, Maldonado grew up surrounded by canvases, paints, and jewelry supplies, which she has used to create unique pieces since she was a child. She is passionate about up-cycling, the art of finding treasures among forgotten and unused objects to transform into new works. Her history, along with the materials, elements, and colors she finds, are part of her inspiration to create and share. More than a hobby, she considers this practice as a lifestyle. While she admires the artwork and intrinsic value of each piece, she believes in the power of transmutation to tell another story. By intervening existing works by other artists, she encourages responsible consumption and gives a second life to art.