Drawing 13

mayte nicole esteban


Artwork Details



5.00 × 7.00 × 1.00 in


Chinese ink on vintage book paper.

mayte nicole esteban

mayte nicole esteban


Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, currently lives, and works in Paris, France. Through her drawings Mayte creates an escape where she can materialize a wider perspective, on oneiric way of seeing and feeling emotions and situations. In her drawings she often uses symbols such as stars, planets, angels, and androgynous figures. For Esteban paper gives her process a particular energy and a sensibility, a feeling of nobleness. With paper she is able to create an effect of peace and warmth while ink brings out boldness and strength. Since 2018 Esteban has been using a technique called sumi-e, derived from Chinese tradition. This technique uses ink, papers as canvas, made with organic materials such as rice and wood fibers. She uses paper and ink as a medium to express her imaginary and invite the viewer into her world. Mayte has been able to showcase her work in different cities including Barcelona, New York, Miami, Dominican Republic, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Tokyo and Paris