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Valerie Cabrera Brugal


Throughout my life Art has shaped my reality. Through Art, I am able to connect with parts of me that I am not yet familiar with. I feel blissful at times and troubled at others.
I accept truths, understand different perspectives and come to terms with both my present and my past.

Art generates different things to different people. The power that exists within Art is endless. Therefore, it’s not only necessary but essential that Art be made accessible to all. I feel honored and blessed to be born and raised a Latina. I celebrate my heritage, who I am and what I know.

However, when it comes to art, we must break the preconceived idea of “art from Latin America” and see all artists as individuals. Individuals who may obtain much of their inspiration from their background and experiences, yet may also become inspired by the world around them, one that goes far beyond the borders.


Art has the ability to connect, to heal, to educate- Art is a feeling yet also a verb. Art is life in itself.


Nowadays, it’s very common to just glance at something without really paying attention to it. We have to learn to “Don’t just look, but really see”.


We began by changing the rules of the game and created a space for artists to share their work, express their voice and join the conversation while earning a fair share.


Through Art we are able to connect, go deeper and discover similarities between the artist’s reality, perspective, thoughts and ways of seeing the world.


When it comes to art, abide by your own rules. Applaud what makes your heart skip a beat. Question it, come back to it, appreciate it, hate it even.


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